Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

a week in the life of the J5

Some pictures of the ever divine and now IV drug free Miss Lydia! She also has transitioned from the hospital ventilator (more the BMW model) to the LTV vent (perhaps a Chrysler model?) that she’ll use at home. It’s a tad nosier but she has been breathing well on it and still on a low amount of oxygen that could be acceptable at home. Speaking of home, discharge dates are actually being talked about! We’re all hoping before their second birthday (11/12) we’ll actually have all birds in the nest. I’m not telling Lydia just yet so she can’t decide to change any plans.


Typical dinner out on the deck, throwing some food at the picky eaters which inevitably they will get more onto their face than in their tummies. I’m going to miss this gorgeous weather and our nightly outside meals. Ava is down to her skivvies after drenching herself with the sprinkler earlier. With the layer of beans she managed to get all over, probably just as well I had her stripped down anyway.


Wyatt in touch with his decorative side.  I’m sure he’ll love this video someday. At least he only wanted the blue hairbow.


Here’s a little glimpse of our weekend moments at Mercy. Wyatt and Ava are usually pretty entertained with different toys in Lydia’s room, the park outside, the train in the snack shop and the bonus of free meals in the Ronald McDonald room. Lydia was sleepy tonight and enjoys a good face plant on my chest. Ava was being rather sisterly and giving her a back rub while Wyatt needed to take a moment to rock out.



  1. I am so excited for you, Amanda! It must seem totally surreal to finally be discussing d/c dates. I’ll be sure and keep the subject on the down-low if I see Miss Lydia, though, as I know her type. . . She always likes to keep you on your toes! I’ll keep praying for smooth sailing so that your 3 little birds can be in the same nest, AT LAST. She looks fantastic!

    Beth & Violet

  2. Denis'

    Awwww! Thanks for the smiles. Such entertaining little ones.

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