Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

It’s Fall. Bring on the leaves, cider and mutant gourds.

After a rocky start to the week, it has ended on a much higher note. Lydia quickly got back off the IV antibiotics and epi and was back to her old self. Theory #2 regarding last weeks events was that they had weaned her meds too quickly and with as much sweating as she did she ended up too dry and had more of a hypovolemic shock episode (meaning she was too dry overall) rather than a septic event (from an infection). Guess we still won’t know for sure but we’ll continue to be more cautious and only make changes at a turtle’s pace.

Clay and I enjoyed some solo time this week while Clay got some painting done this week in preparation for Lydia’s new room. Forgot how quite the house is without the pattering of 4 little feet. The man cave has now been officially converted into a future PICU/princess suite. Thanks for the help Dave Jarman and your fine painting skills (need any painting done? We’ve got the man!)
Also I’d like to give a corporate shout out to Wall Pops for donating wall decorations to Children’s Hospital Boston. We had ordered some for Lydia’s room and at the request of the child life therapist to order some for home (twist my arm) I got some for the kids/guest bathroom.

Here’s the finished room: the nature theme was our compromise for Clay’s desire for a more adult guest room and my desire for a fun kids’ bathroom.

Best part of the week (and a biennial fall favorite) was the Crawford Family Cider fest. My first cider fest occurrence was in 1991 and I’ve been trying to snag an invite or some fresh cider as often as possible ever since. Helps I snuck a cousin into the Crawford family. Even in college when I had to keep my cider hidden in a cooler in the attic from my juice guzzling , food stealing crazy roommate, I would sit in the attic savoring1 glass a day of the sweet fresh nectar of the gods. I wouldn’t need a last meal provided I had some fresh cider for my last drink. The kids were pretty fond of the apple juice too and ended the day with nice sticky cider mustaches.

Thanks Granny Crawford!!

Wyatt’s new buddy Doug.

Peek a Boo!


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