Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Discharge planinng


Our warrior princess is one step closer to coming home. She has her new car seat and passed the car seat test (the one Ava had to take twice – we’ll see how they fair with their driver’s licenses) We had a big discharge conference on Wednesday with everyone involved in her future care at home and were told she is the most complex patient Dr. Gratny (who will be her primary while going to the vent clinic) had ever sent home. This was after the cardiology NP passed out a diagram of Lydia’s heart announcing “you’ll never see this one in a text book.” ¬†Neither were exactly goals we were aiming for but after this past year, we’ll still celebrate that she can actually come home. She won’t be coming home this week but hopefully next. So we’ll be celebrating the big 2 at the hospital again this year but will hopefully be having a bigger homecoming/birthday party on the 19th. Consider yourself invited as I won’t actually be sending out formal invites (slacking, I know). However, please take a rain check if any part of you or your entourage is drippy, scratchy, runny, sneezy or any other possible contagious symptoms. We may have some haz mat suits at the door.

The countdown is starting….







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