Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Cake jammies

Yep, Wyatt is going to love this picture someday. I normally don’t encourage cross dressing, but Wyatt loves these jammies because they have one of his favorite things on them – a cupcake. The first night I pulled out our fresh hand-me downs (thanks Sofia) there were tears after Ava won the first round about getting to wear them to bed. After their washing, Wyatt got out if the tub first and politely asked “cake jammies, peeeeeze?” Just couldn’t possibly say no. So he happily went downstairs to start playing with his train when Clay looked at him, sighed, and said he was wearing his sister’s pajamas. Wyatt proudly looked up, pointed to the cupcake on his chest and told Clay “WyWy’s cake jammies” and went right back to playing with his train. As he lay in bed with his car blanket, 2 monkeys Bobo and IE (formorly known as The Imposter but now an accepted friend), and pink heart cake jammies he looked up and said “WyWy happy.” If that’s all it takes, so am I. Maybe I’ll write to Carter’s and suggest a blue cupcake line for boys. Girls aren’t the only ones who love a good cupcake.



  1. So darling! I love those little stories!

  2. He’s so handsome!

  3. Celicia Hiatt

    There are certain things that are not worth the argument. We were having jammie and shirt fights until we gave in and let him start deciding. Granted, last night he sported a red bulldog shirt with blue and brown plaid flannel jammie pants, but who’s judging? He could be the next Project Runway genius and we just don’t get his vision yet.

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