Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Birthday Party Take 1

Saturday, our little birds hit the big 2. We at least got to celebrate in the same city this year so that’s a bonus. We had a pretty impressive party with our wonderful child life therapist Leslie going all out with gifts, cake and decorations that have been donated to Children’s Mercy. The bummer was due to Lydia’s isolation for MRSA we couldn’t bring her to the party room, nor could the party  come to her. So cake round #1 with Wyatt, Ava and visitors went down in the Elmo decorated conference room and then as Wyatt was beginning to ask for “mo cake peeeze” we wheeled them back to Lydia’s room for song and cake round #2 with visitors (no kids this time) in their yellow isolation gowns. Lydia got to taste some hot pink icing and Wyatt and Ava got a nice little sugar buzz and they all got plenty of fun new toys to keep them entertained.

Two tired 2 year olds post sugar and party buzz.


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  1. Absolutely precious! Hoping Lydia will be free of those Hosp germs soon! I really enjoyed the icing pic of Lydia!

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