Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

5 Johnstons 1 roof

Friday we welcomed back Wyatt and Ava from their week in Trenton. While they seemed excited to see Lydia, Wyatt was a bit disappointed the drum set was no longer up in her room. He failed to appreciate the new princess lair and kept asking for drums. Friday was a bit of a stressful day at home as I had to call and “fire” our first nurse for taking a smoking break and then to find out later in the day she had overdosed Lydia on Ativan. Fortunately, the only ill effect was she was sleepy all day. Still, the home nursing thing is somewhat stressful. The rest of our nurses so far have been great. I never dreamed I’d have to have a no smoking policy to take care of my child on a ventilator and oxygen who has been in the hospital for 2 years, but guess I’ll be doing a more thorough Q&A session before they come through the door.

Saturday we had Birthday Party#2/ Welcome Home Lydia party. If a party’s success is measured by the amount of frosting on the kids and mess in the house, than it was a hit. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather and kick most of the kids outside for a bit. We had a cake provided by and it was quite a masterpiece with an ABC train theme. The kids definitely approved and I’m going to have to ease them into the fact that birthday cake is not a weekly dietary staple.  Birthday pictures to follow as Aunt Holly volunteered her mad photo skills for the event.



We also took Lydia outside for the very first time ever. It was a tad windy and she wasn’t quite as enthused about the idea as we were.

Watching football with Daddy. The good life.


Parties wear a girl out.




  1. So sweet! I LOVE that L’s toenails are also painted… 🙂

  2. Misty Sanders

    Amanda!! These pictures bring me to tears! Lydia looks beautiful and I know she will thrive at HOME!! So happy for all of you! I know Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be the best ever!!! I can’t wait to see the birthday pictures. Praying for all of you continuously!

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