Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Birthday Party pics

Okay I’m far too lazy and my house looks too much like it has the stomach flu to individually post pictures, so here’s the link for all the birthday party/ Lydia Welcome home party pictures.


Big thanks to Aunt Holly for bringing her camera and great photography skills to the event as capturing the trio in one frame is a very difficult task indeed. Ava and Wyatt look so angelic in some of those pictures, you’d never know they just turned 2.

Also big, big thanks to Sherry’s Cake Magic for providing the most beautiful toddler cake ever. I had contacted an organization called Icing Smiles who select a local baker who will donate a cake to a critically ill child. We discovered them through our friend Gracen when he spent his second birthday in the hospital and they contacted a baker for Lydia’s birthday. If you’re in need of a fabulous cake, please contact Sherry. It was as delicious as it was impressive. Wyatt and Ava loved the crispy treat trains the most and would take a bits, drive them on the table and then take another bite. I think they’re still recovering from their sugar high.  If you’re looking for places to donate this holiday season or anytime during the year, this is a great organization that relies solely on volunteers. All nonprofits can use financial donations but also if you’re in the mood for baking, they can always use bakers (both fancy and just tasty).

We continue to enjoy having our girl home. She’s been rather sleepy this weekend and is having some drug withdrawal issues which will be frequent occurrences for the next few months as we ever so slowly wean her ativan and methadone. But all in all, a good weekend with much to be thankful for!

Our littlest Tiger fan just wasn’t as stoked about the border war victory this year.

Tiger cousins in the mix. Thanks to Grandma Wenda for adding some Mizzou flare to Ava’s overalls. I’m going to try to get her started in the team spirit fashion wear but Jayhawk styles will cost double.


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