Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

And so 2012 begins…

Well 2012 has started and I’ve already shed 9 inches of my former self. No, it wasn’t any Hollywood diet (although that would be nice) but I finally shed the Crystal Gale hairstyle that had grown to the middle section of my body formerly known as my waist. It wasn’t really a labor of love as it was much more a side effect of neglect. I was one step away from wearing Sponge Bob pajama pants to Wal Mart and Lydia’s doctors appointments so I decided it was time to class myself up a bit and shed some inches. Too bad more inches can’t be shed that quickly…

Anyway, here’s the before.

The post pigtail cut with 2 piggies ready to be sent off to Beautiful Lengths (they donate their wigs for free where I’ve heard locks of Love charges)

And the aftermath, curtesy of a cute little stylist named Ryan. I can say how cute he was since I’m pretty sure Minivan multiples moms aren’t his type.

Clay and I rocked in the new year with just enough wakefulness to hear Dick Clark slur his way down to the ball dropping and then it was back to bed. Here’s the first attempt of coordinating triplet photography for the new year.

Also taking advantage of some nice January global warming. (Sorry polar bears…)

While I’d like to resolute that there will be less of me and what is left will be chiseled and can run a 5k and there will be more in the savings and I will be more spiritual and fulfilled and blah, blah blah, I’m really only rooting for survival of all Johnstons into
2013 and showing those Mayans what we’re made of. Also really hoping to have 2 little birds out of diapers (minding better would be a nice bonus too). After watching Elmo’s Potty and getting new stylish skivvies from Santa, Ava actually produced some tinkle on her potty. Wyatt did too: on the kitchen floor, my leg and in a Tupperware toy box filled with small plastic food. Well we’ve got 11 months before I give up and just throw newspapers around the house.

Lydia had her first long and lengthy check up of the year with only 5 pitstops to lab, cardiology, special care clinic, hanger orthotics and interventional radiology. They tried to threaten her with admission after giving us a wake up scare at 6am and needing an emergent trach change, more oxygen and some fluids but she rallied by mid morning and was smiling and charming the staff. Her echo of her heart looks okay still and she finally got her nasty stinky gJ tube replaced and got the clearance to head back home. All in all, I’ll call the day a success although her night nurse will be getting some lessons in hooking up an ambu bag and she wasn’t even close to actually giving Lydia any support. Sigh. Im back to work  3 days a week, Clay resumes classes next week and the grandma brigade will be back in I’ll swing. And the new year begins….


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