Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

January PICU adventure

Well either Lydia wanted to stock up on some PICU specialty supplies or she just wanted to stop un and do a social visit with her old favorite PICU staff but she decided to take an ambulance ride to come see me at work today. I was at CMH south for the afternoon so Lydia came from the north, me from the south and Clay from the West to set in the middle back at Children’s Mercy. I personally think sometimes she just wants to think she’s an only child and get one on one mom and dad time to herself. She had a nasty desat episode and I received the call from Dr. gratnynthat she had instructed her day nurse to call 911 and have her transported to Mercy. She seems to have some ugly crud coming from her trach and coupled with ongoing drug withdrawals has made for a grumpy girl. I was quite happy to see her nice and pink upon arrival in the ER and everyone thought she was looking good once coming back to the PICU. So far she’s only on a bit more oxygen and doing okay so hopefully tomorrow we’ll get the boot to go back home and can just skip our regular appointment on Monday. They’re all impressed with how low her drug doses are: 2mg of Ativan and methadone would only sedate and not kill the average size adult. We’ve come a long way from the 22mg she started on back in October. They also keep commenting on how big she’s gotten. My little former peanut is becoming quite the full figured woman at a stocky 25 pounds. Yes, she and momma could both stand to do some good abdominal workouts, one of our ongoing goals for the year….



  1. …glad to hear she’s doing well 🙂 I hope to hear she’ll be coming home tomorrow.

  2. katie. emma.

    God bless you all

  3. Sarah Freund

    Sorry I missed you guys, but happy to hear you made it back home so quickly! Give Lydia some love from me!

    Take care,
    Sarah, RN

  4. I just found your blog. You have triplet girls? How cute! My son is trached, and vented at night. I’m excited to follow your sweet girl!

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