Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

EA Awareness Month. Now you know.

Just in case you’ve never heard of EA or esophageal atresia – the easy little problem that sent us to Boston for 15 months of fun, January is the month you’re going to become aware. Bust out your periwinkle best and consider yourself schooled. Periwinkle is also the awareness color of pulmonary hypertension, the problem that jacked her lungs up trying to treat the EA and the color that Lydia often is in general. Triple bonus points for periwinkle (also my childhood favorite Crayola color). So exciting to have 1/3 of the months of the year devoted to one of Lydia’s defects. Next month, Lydia will change out her periwinkle attire for red to celebrate congenital heart defect awareness month. We’ll then take a break of informing the world of her medical issues before busting out the yellow for craniofacial acceptance month in September (see how cool it is she can blow bubbles out her nose from her cleft palate) and round out the year with some purple for  Prematurity Awareness. That pretty much completes our cycle.

She seems to have gotten rid of the rhinovirus and has generally had a decent week since her social visit in the PICU. She seems to be more playful and generally enjoying life more. I even caught her actually lifting her head and playing during tummy time which she normally takes as her cue to assume the Muslim prayer position until she falls asleep.

Attempting to find the humor in my close up shot. In case you don’t know what shade of blue periwinkle represents, this dress was about as close as I could come.

Nope you can’t make me smile. Not gonna do it even if your high pitched voice is amusing.

And no Wyatt and Ava aren’t being ignored these days since little sister came home.  They still get their stories and Nana time. I think they’ve been pretty relieved to get their grandmas back on duty a couple days a week. They come in fresh and ready for toddler fun. How they leave might be a different story…. It definitely takes a village and then some for our crew.



  1. Amy Barnard

    I love your new ‘do! Your blog is great. You should really become an author. So glad the 5 of you are doing well and getting lots of help. I am so proud of you!

  2. Jerre Watkins

    We loved your precious pictures– and thanks so much for keeping us posted. You are truly an amazing and inspiring family. And—- periwinkle is my favorite color too. Love and Best Wishes!
    Jerre & Ken

  3. Bev Whorton

    You are so blessed to have Pam and Wenda near enough to help out and, as a grandmother, I’m sure they feel blessed also. Really enjoyed the new pictures – for all she has been through, Lydia looks happy, even if she won’t smile for you. God Bless ALL of you.

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