Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

February Funness

We’ve all been enjoying the Global Warming this month.  Bet Al Gore is feeling rather smug these days. We had one good snow fall of the season and now it seems as if our spring weather is back. This week we all seem to be suffering from the bubonic plague as first Ava, then Wyatt, then Clay and now I have all been affected. It didn’t slow Ava and Wyatt down nearly as much as their parents as we’re very thankful to the Grandparents for taking them for the weekend for some needed recovery and clean up in the house time. Ava first went all exorcist with some V8 Fusion on Sunday, then proceeded to jump up and down in her crib saying “you’re welcome Daddy” as we were trying to clean up the nice pink piles. Wyatt followed suite by Wednesday but seemed a tad more remorseful with the messes. We’ve been really lucky to not have much in the way of childhood illnesses hit the house I’m sure it was due to come.

Some pics of our snow day:

Ava enjoying some snow cones



Lydia is becoming a new girl. Even closer to a clean and drug free living, she’s much happier and social flashing us those big grins we weren’t sure we’d see again. Her new favorite thing is tasting new foods and she’s pretty happy getting new flavors on her tongue. Valentine’s Day marked her one year anniversary of getting her shunt placed. It’s a temporary fix and a cardiac cath coming in April will let us know what future options she has, but we’re happy she’s still doing so well.

Here’s some of my Funny Valentine.

doing some taste testing with speech and physical therapy


Some jam sessions by Wyatt using the iPad camera. A little wheels on the bus:

Tiny Salmon (a Tom Green classic from Road Trip)



  1. Sarah Freund

    Amanda, Clay and whole Johnston clan,

    Words cannot express the sadness I feel right now. I’m so sorry.

    Much love and many prayers,
    Sarah, RN PICU

  2. Tammy

    I have not stopped thinking of your entire family today. I am so sorry for your loss of such a precious princess. I hope you know how much I love her and that I will never forget her. My thoughts, prayers, and hugs are with you during this difficult time. Much love, Tammy RN PICU

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