Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Tiger time

Wednesday: hanging on the quad on my Alma Mater.

Wyatt and Bobo go to college. There’s a pretty good chance, I’ll be secretly sewing that monkey into his dorm sheets and I’ll happily do it for my monkey loving boy. They weren’t as enthralled by college visiting day as I was, but we figure it’s never to early to start the scouts looking for good band scholarship students.

The highlight of our trip was going to Crown Pointe Tiger Sanctuary in St. Genevieve while waiting on Clay’s drums to finish being tuned. It was a short drive from Farmington and Friday was a beautiful day. Being with the tigers was very calming as they may just be God’s most beautiful animal. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend the sanctuary and they have a B&B there as well. The tigers and 1 lion have come from different circuses and exotic animal parks where they were terribly neglected before finding their new home. They all came up to us and enjoyed a mini snack of some fresh meat. Wyatt and Ava really enjoyed seeing them up close (still through a double fence) and talked to all the cats. They also seemed equally entertained with the rocks, sticks and soda machine to stick their hands on and push buttons. For the first time in the week, I felt just a little peace.

sisters Gracie and Thor. Gracie has the blue eyes and is 95% blind. Her sister helped care for her in the previous facility where they each only got one turkey leg a day and would share her portion with her. They were the smallest of the tigers but are in much better health now.

Big Boy Izzy enjoying a little lunch snack of some raw steak and chicken. He was used as a cub for photos and at 3 months was too big for his job.  He was going to be euthanized as he was no longer able to be used before being rescued by Crown Pointe.

Miss Alexis, the only lion of the group. I’d be tempted to give her an ear scratch, but her paws are just a little too big.

Raja, mother to the sisters. She also came from Springfield’s exotic animal paradise and is enjoying her nice new home. At the old age of 20, she is one fine looking older lady. Can’t call her a cougar though (joke provided by W. Clay Johnston)

some hidden elk hanging out on the property

and no the only animals that came home with us were the 2 we brought on our trip and 1 more little stuffed tiger for Ava.

The kids are happy to be home with their toys and own cribs and now to deprogram them from the apple juice, french fry and gold fish cracker diet and late night parties of the rock star life they were starting to get accustomed.



  1. Marsha Hurst

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you had some nice little away time. You do have all the time in the world to heal…………………and you will. The animals are beautiful……………..but, you weren’t scared to be close? Hugs and love. Those 2 are precious little “animals” too.

  2. There is another exotic animal rescue park near Eureka Springs, AR that we visited a year ago….on the hottest day of the summer, of course. You have to walk all around the outside of the animal compound and it’s rather hilly, but you might enjoy it as well. We did not see any animals being fed and did not get nearly as close to them as you guys did. We could, however, hear the low growls of many of the cats on our tour. We were told that sometimes, exotic animal owners simply turn their animals lose out in the countryside! And they sometimes find their way back home! Awesome that you got to spend some “down time” together doing what you wanted with your li’l animals.

  3. kristen welborn

    I really enjoyed this entire post and oh, how I admire you so much…I was thinking of you on March 8th, knowing it had been a week and what a fitting post for that day too…


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