Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

the little things

Today we brought Lydia back home. As we were driving home with her urn, we realized it was the first car ride with the entire family. It’s not the way it should be, but she will always be home now and with us forever. Wyatt and Ava out of the blue will frequently tell us “Lydia died. Mommy Daddy sad.”  Today Ava told me “Lydia happy.” Yes, that is what keeps us going.

Appreciate the little things. Truly, there are no little things.


A glimpse at the past 2 weeks: We’ve spent as much outdoor time as possible and fill our days with toddler playtime and good friends. I truly appreciate all the friends that have come over for playtime, brought us tasty food, helped with tedious tasks and have provided the warmth of company in the house.  I’m thinking the whole sister wife thing isn’t too bad an idea…. I rather like someone helping watch the kids, cook with and even help with laundry. Applications may be sent to our home address. Only those interested in household duties and childcare need apply.

As demanding and messy as our household rulers are, they can be pretty entertaining as well. Ava is in all things pink and princess mode. I still have suspicions that she may in fact be the egg of her good time, pink loving Aunt Kelly. On St. Patty’s day I told her everyone will wear green. I asked her color she should wear and she replied, “mmm, how bout pink?”  We asked what she would be when she grew up and she denied aspirations of a teacher or singer or dancer to be ” just a pwincess.”

As I was drawing her face yesterday and trying to get her to name body parts I kept asking what to draw. “Ava eyes”  Ok, what else is on your face? “pink” ok, here’s a pink hair bow, what else is on your face? “peanut butter” yes, PB is on your face most of the time. Clay wondered why Ava had a beard in my rustic art work.

My pinkalicious diva in all her glory:

Some days you just need to wear 3 pink flowers in your hair.

or put on your tutu with nothing else on after your bath

or be really, really happy a train is bringing your food even though a hunger strike will ensue as soon as food arrives and only 2 grapes will be eaten

and go for a ride on a wild lion.




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  1. christy

    Glad to see you tuesday. Wish we had more time. The kids were dolls. I would really like to have a play date with all the kids. Let me know what is good for you. As always you are in my thoughts.

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