Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Happy Easter!

Happy Belated Easter! Maybe someday, holiday cards and sentiments will arrive prior or on an actual holiday but that’s just not how we roll. The aunts have been asking for updated pictures of Wyatt and Ava is all their Easter cuteness, so I’m happy to oblige. We spent the weekend in Trenton and they enjoyed some extra spoiling form the grandparents. I went to my first job ever and worked an afternoon shift at the Grand River Press. I think my old boss would consider rehiring if we ever decide to up and leave the city or at least I’d hope Dad would rehire! We went to Jamesport for the Easter egg hunt that started at 1:00. In our typical fashion we arrived at 1:08 at which they were already announcing the egg hunt winners. At 1:15 the bunny was packed and ready to go. At least 2 year olds have low expectations and didn’t seem too bummed they never even made it to the hunt.Throw some crappy sugar candy at them, smile and wave at the not too scary Easter Bunny, get a cookie from the Amish bakery and they’re happy to call it a good afternoon. We enjoyed out home town weekend and the reminder of Easter that life is eternal and everlasting.  I just have to patiently wait for that moment to see my sweet bunny again and try not to be too jealous of all those lucky nonagenarians and nursing home residents who I currently view as the lucky bastards who get to blow this joint soon.

Here’s some of our favorite pictures we had taken 2 weeks ago at Happy Chic photography. They weren’t quite as traumatized by the live bunny as last year and were trying to feed the bunny some eggs. I happened to click on Portrait Today Studio’s Easter photo link and found a nice picture of my 2 little angels under the chick and bunny disaster picture link. I guess there’s no bad publicity?

If you’re concerned we may be smocking our children up, yes I do believe we are. I have come to realize my window of opportunity for dandy little outfits with smocking and snap crotches for Wyatt is coming to a short end. I still have a few more years of dresses and hair bows for Ava before she has to shop at Justice but pretty soon, it’s only a world of polos and sweater vests for my little dapper. I may also be taking slight advantage of the fact that Clay won’t protest coordinating sailor suits and bunny smocking at the moment.



  1. Beth

    Seriously, I think those are the cutest Easter pictures I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t believe two 2-year-olds could be that good! What’s your secret? They are just precious.

    • Amanda

      The 5 minute mini session at Happy Chic photography is my secret. They send you home with a CD and they just played before the event. Worked out pretty well surprisingly.

  2. Allison Kelly

    Love the pics!! When I have kids, they will be “smocked” as long as I possibly can.

  3. Debbie

    Absolutely love the Easter pics Amanda! They are growing so fast..and are so cute. I love some of the expressions on their lil faces!

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