Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

June already?

Summer is 1/3 over and we’ve been burning the candle at both ends. While I dreaded our Boston trip in May and never thought I’d return to that city, I’m glad we went together. It was like a dreaded dentist visit that wasn’t so bad at the end. It was nice to be there with Clay and have some peaceful closure. They had a  flower ceremony with for the children of CHB who have died and it was comforting to see a lot of her old nurses and hospital staff who took such good care of her during her stay. It was exciting to see the NICU nurses get very excited at picking out which Lovey best suited their patient and we look forward to making this an ongoing donation. We actually did the touristy stuff this time that we hadn’t gotten to do and spent evenings out rather than in a room at the Yawkey Inn. The highlight of the trip was going whale watching and they didn’t disappoint. We saw quite a few gray whales and one was a calf swimming by her mother.

(Photo not taken by us but copied from web site. We didn’t see any leaps quite this spectacular but this looks cooler than the dozen photos we took with a small spray and gray blur of a whale back)

Besides our childless Boston trip, we’ve made a few trips to Trenton over Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and again this weekend while Clay had a gig in Nebraska. We went camping at Wallace State Park for a night and spent another weekend at Lake of the Ozarks being Soca Jukebox groupies while Clay played at Captain Ron’s. Nothing like family time in a tent or small motel room to confirm our decision to NOT be attachment parents and share our bed with our children! Wyatt and Ava have gone to a birthday party, had swim parties in the inflatable pool, their first real hair cuts, gone on bike rides, rode Thomas the Train and have had about as much entertainment as two 2 year-olds and their tired parents can handle.

Some photos of the summer so far:

Ava modeling her summer camping gear

Wyatt taking Bobo on a morning stroll at the campsite

pre hair cut

post trim (not in modeling mood)

pre cut

post cut looking a bit more ornery

Ava holding cousin Baby Ainsley.

Wyatt holding twin cousin Baby Corinne. Our attempts of photographing triplet cousins holding twin cousins failed again as Ava decided scaling the couch was more fun.

Wyatt starting his Saturday morning off with a monkey train to give rides to 1. Bobo’s friend who has yet to be named 2. IE (formerly known as the Imposter or NOT Bobo. 3. Bobo

Ava practicing her Venus moves and preparing for the Olympics

Riding the rail with Thomas

“I’m on a boat”

Wyatt teaching Auntie Lolo how to drive a boat.


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  1. Wyatt is so serious about his driving! I hope he maintains that attitude.

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