Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

bunk beds

Can you find the sleeping children? Another night, another round of partying hard before crashing in the cribs to start it all over again. This night I guess they both needed to do some shopping in their cribs before falling asleep. We decided it was finally time to move from the cribs to the next stage whether we were ready or not. I only found one crib tent anywhere and after Wyatt learned to unzip it from the inside, Ava then figured out how to undo to extra security rigging to get him out. They were having great fun diving in and out of their crib every day so we figured might as well get them real beds.

We now are owners of some pretty fancy staircase bunk beds that I must admit are quite comfy and kind fun to sleep in. We might just move them to the Master bedroom once the kids move out. So far they are loving them although it has put a damper on the napping and early to bed schedule. The first night went great as we left the duty to their 12 year old babysitter Daisy who had them asleep by 9:30 without any problems. Night 2 was a bit more dramatic as Ava kept climbing up to play with Wyatt, stole Bobo and then suffered the wrath of Wyatt as he attacked her leg like it was corn on the cob. No one was happy that night and while I’m tempted to make the threat of removing the beds and putting back the cribs, there’s no way we’re tackling that 4 hour project anytime soon.

We attempted to make the bed a bit safer up top for Wyatt by padding the top rail with a fun noodle. Sounded like a genius plan on my part until he removed it instantly and used it to beat his sister. Insert Clay’s plan of using zip strips to secure it in place which had rough edges and scratched him up more. I then covered them with some of the velvo medical restraints we used to hold Lydia’s medical gear. I thought we had brilliantly McGyvered the bed into a safe upper bunk until they both chewed up the fun noodle. They have eaten almost the entire thing like a couple of pit bulls. Perhaps I’m using the restraints incorrectly and should rethink my strategy there…..

Someone’s not as innocent as they may appear.

This was a great idea until we could only find one with a working zipper!


The failed upper bunk protection plan and the big boy showing off his upper bunk. I think he still likes the play pen and times.



  1. Hilarious-you might have to put them in separate bedrooms. They would probably go “visit each other” in the middle of the night!

  2. Denis'

    You have a gift for humor. I’m still giggling, after a hearty laugh out loud. Of course it’s only funny right now while it’s you. In a few months when it’s our turn with the boys, it might not be so funny 🙂

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