Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

First day of school

After a long hot summer with us all spending a bit too much time together under one roof, Wyatt and Ava started school today. This gives me a nice 2.5 hour break twice a week and hopefully will help train them to act more like civilized little people and less like wild chimpanzees. I had planned on waiting till next year for school but decided this summer they were beginning to act like jerks to each other and their neighbor friend and needed some socialization. Plus I’m not a big fan of doing crafts in my kitchen and still have a hard time of instilling basics like listening and following directions. We decided two mornings a week at the Methodist Church preschool would be good for us all.

All things considered, we all held up remarkably well. It was more difficult at back to school night to see the reality of only 2 of their names on the doors and I only had to correct a few people who asked if they’re twins. Surviving triplets. Its the simplest explanation most people get. I was worried Wyatt would have to be surgically removed from my side this morning as he has become my little barnacle ever since I have been staying home with them. He was tearful the night before school as he wanted to go to school and not bed. There was only a brief bit of panic this AM and I only heard one sniffly “MOMMY?” instead of the prolonged hysterical “MOOOOMMMMEEE??”  I’ve grown accustomed to hearing whenever I step out of Wyatt’s 5 foot radius and he comes frantically running down the hall to search for me.

I wasn’t too worried about Ava and was able to pry her off my other leg without too much drama. She only had one mini melt down getting ready when I wouldn’t let her wear lipstick to pre-pre-preKindergarten. She settled for her cherry chapstick. Yes, we are doomed in 10 years and no she does not wear lipstick on a regular basis. She simply decided at the age of 2, she needs pinker lips for school. We will likely have to send her to a middle school that requires a uniform.

All in all I’d say School Day 1 went well even if I did think their day ended up at 12:30 and not 12:00 and was just a wee bit late in picking them up. Fortunately the school didn’t leave them alone on the curb and they didn’t seem to notice they were the sad children whose mother didn’t pick them up on time on their first day of school ever. Sigh. Well we’ve got another 15 years of this school thing to work out the kinks. Maybe by 2028 when they graduate, we’ll have it down.

The night before preschool and Wyatt had to sleep with his train back pack to be ready for the day.







Preschool today was brought by the number 1 and the color red.





  1. Wanda Moore

    I love love love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Marsha Hurst

    Thanks sooooooooo much for sharing——————they are simply precious————-you and Clay too!!!!

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