Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Here’s Part 2 of the I love the 80’s putting my children into retro wear. I haven’t been able to get back into a size 2T since having the triplets so it’s only fitting that Ava sports my old fashions and once again Wyatt was up for wearing my cousin’s hand me downs.  I call this number “The Flaming Orange Liger Suits”. Is it a striped lion or a tiger with a mane? Since they were designed back when genetically modifying nature was the rage, I’m going with a it’s a cross bred Liger. Unless you went to MU School of Nursing and sat for 2 years in the orange auditorium, you likely haven’t seen this shade of orange since it became extinct in 1985. There are a few perks to putting your kids in retro wear that hasn’t been seen in 30 years.

1. It’s just fun and since they don’t protest too much yet, it’s good entertainment for all. I always wanted multiples for the shear joy of putting them in matching outfits. I’m sure they’ll be highly appreciative of how cute they look when they’re teenagers.

2. When going somewhere like Deanna Rose Farmstead where you feel like you’re stepping into Oz with a hundred of little people under 3 feet tall, it’s much easier to spot your offspring if they’re wearing identical outfits in color palates no longer found in modern fabric.

3. I’m pretty sure other people appreciate the effort. Clay usually gives comments like “Well that’s a dandy little number your mother put you in Wyatt.” (or at least that’s what I hear) I did have one lady spot us and ask to see if the tag said Chocolate Soup and tell me she was saving her daughter’s outfits for a possible future granddaughter too. She said seeing their little retro suits made her day. Who doesn’t like a good flash back from the past?

4. Who wouldn’t want to wear an airy one piece comfy number? Right up there with footy pajamas in styles I wish I could pull off.

Cousin Kevin and I in the original Liger suits circa 1982. The orange was brighter, the bangs bigger, dresses shorter and knee socks higher. Perhaps it was the threat of wasting film, but I’m not sure how our parents actually got us looking forward and standing still for a picture. That is a nearly impossible task and I don’t remember getting any good bribes as a kid. I have to have the digital camera on high speed with maybe 1/50 shots having them looking at the camera.

Wyatt and his buddy Will at Deanna Rose.

This was as close as it got to capturing the trio as they were rarely still for a second.



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