Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Just another Tuesday….

Seems like there’s something I’m supposed to do today but I can’t
place my finger on it just yet….

something like that). I realize that I’m the worst voter out there –
the middle ground wishy washy moderate who doesn’t get terribly
passionate or rialed about too many singular topics and will narrowly
pick my candidate based on the couple things that are most important
to me. I’ve decided to adopt my grandmother’s stance of keeping my
voting preferences on the down low. I believe she probably did this so
she wouldn’t have to explain to my one sided grandfather any time she
canceled his vote. In the last election season when my neice wanted to
know who I voted for, she cleverly asked if I picked the winner or
loser and was disappointed with my lack of an answer. I do know no
matter the outcome on Wednesday, my morning will be the same with
Wyatt at my bedside needing to potty, watch cartoons and eat toast.
I’m sure somewhere around 48% of Americans will wake up with it being
the worst day of their year and may feel the sense of impending doom
or our country, freedoms, ecomomy etc. going down the toilet. I’ve
already had the worst day of my life and yet the clock still moves
forward and life still prevails. Toddlers and cats need food. Bills
still need to be paid. Hygeine needs will be met. Seasons will come and go and pending no
upcoming zombie apocalypse (which I’ve yet to hear a single candidate
talk about zombie prevention…) I’m pretty sure our country will
continue to prevail and we do not yet need to all flock to Canada.

Wyatt and Ava are voting for Team America and in the season of
disagreeing political rivalry will always say their voting for
opposite candidates. If Wyatt says Womny that Ava will automatically
say shes voting for Obama and defends her political stance with sheer
volume. “NO! No Wommy! OBAMA!” She’s a flip flop voter who has also
adamantly yelled “I VOTE WOMMY!” so I don’t think her opinion is a
completely reliable poll point for either candidate


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