Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Fall Follies

Almost time to pitch the soft pumpkins on the porch and bring in some yule tide cheer. A recap on the festive fall that two 2 year olds have crammed into a short 3 months: (pictures may be out of order but I am too lazy to deal with the slow uploads of wordpress to care…)

1. Worlds of Fun: (Note DO NOT go on haunted weekend nights, I heard rumors of lines being 3 hours long) We went one of the last Sundays in October. Weather was perfect. Lines were reasonable and fun was had by all. My stomach can still handle a roller coaster but any ride that makes a slight turn in Camp Snoopy was a bit too much.

Wyatt and his 2nd cousin/best buddy Lukas determining their next big ride.

This is how most of us felt by the time of the train ride. I had apparently turned vampire by this point.


2. Missouri Days Festival: Haven’t been in probably a decade and good to know there’s still a place I can by a sweat shirt with a wolf howling at the moon, hear a pan flute, see some good ole marching bands in a big small town parade and have some kettle corn. We took a hayride to the Old Thompson House which is being restored and if in the area, the hike is definitely worth your time.


3. No fall is complete without a hayride to a pumpkin field so I can convince the kids we’ll just get a cheaper pumpkin at Aldi’s later. A later stop for cider slushies and donuts is also a must. Wyatt and Ava actually like each other here!


4. Halloween: yes I’ve sadly had to re-plan all my trio costumes into  pairings and I’m hoping I can get a few more years of matching cuteness before I’m buying a Ninja and Vampire Cheerleader Princess Bride. Perhaps I can come up with some rule that only mom chooses costumes. They may live in a democratic country but our household tends to be run slightly more fascist.

Here’s Mickey Mouse and Rainbow Baby Kat. (as long as I let Ava think she’s choosing  her costume, we both feel victorious)

5. Random fall cute pics.

This is Ava AKA Rainbow Baby Kat. Not sure where this persona developed but she’s still going with it. I’m Mommy Rainbow Kat and Wyatt has been renamed Meow Meow Rainbow Kat. I think we’ll see if it sticks for a while before having her name legally changed. I just assume that cat is spelled with a K by my little nonconformist and pray it doesn’t become her “dancer” name in her later years.

6. Birthday: To not have my trio celebrate 3 years together was a very bittersweet day, but we made our celebrations none the less. On the night of their birth, we released a purple lantern into the night sky for Lydia and plan to do so every year. As a perfect metaphor, it burned brightly, flew away quickly, created a beautiful light and a breathtaking moment, and then left all to soon. Happy Birthday, baby girl. We miss you every day.

Wyatt and Ava had full fledged bouncing kid birthday party at the Bounce House Moonwalk in Zona Rosa on Sunday complete with cake and overly exhausted toddlers. On their actual birthday on Monday, the 4 of us had lunch at the Crayola Cafe at Crown Center and then drove to St. Luke’s to deliver a ginormous bag of blankets for the NICU babies. We also gave 3 loveys for upcoming triplets that were to be arriving soon. Big thanks for all the loveys that will be making their way to Boston’s NICU and CICU. While there, I also made a very charitable donation of my diamond from my wedding ring somewhere in the halls, bathroom or parking lot of St. Luke’s Hospital (reminder to self: call insurance as doesn’t look like it’s going to be found) I think Clay and I are still married despite the current absence of my ring. It must be time for either an upgrade or a fancy CZ which only Ava will know when she gets it appraised after my departure and will doubtfully not be surprised to know her mom’s overly frugal.


Two happy 3 years old having ice cream with sprinkles for their birthday lunch.


Big Big thanks to Icing Smiles and Robin Pennington of Fondant Dreams for a beautiful Dora and Diego cake for Wyatt and Ava. It was perfect in every way even down to the by chance purple butterfly for Lydia and pink flower for Ava. They absolutely loved it! If you’re a baker or looking for charities to donate to this season, consider contacting this wonderful charity that helps deliver cakes and goodies to families who have a critically ill child. They also support siblings who have gone through loss or have just had to deal with the difficult road that having someone ill brings. A beautiful cake really does make a hard day with sadness easier to bear.

7. Leaf Jumping and Global Warming. So I don’t love global warming and cried for 2 hours when the polar bear cub died in Arctic Tale and vow to reuse as much as possible and leave a small footprint on the earth, but I really do love 70 degree November days that are spent running and playing as much as possible outside!

8. Thanksgiving: My personal favorite of the holidays with all the good food and company and none of the commercialism that turns me into a bit of a Grinch this time of year. In lieu of a daily what-I’m-thankful post on FB for all of November, just think of 30 body parts and I’m thankful  that Clay, mine and the 2/3rds are working well.

Baby Ainsley giving Wyatt some love. It’s cool, they’re second cousins. Perfectly legit in some areas.

What could go wrong with 3 three year olds going for a drive? [pose is for picture use only, no 3 year olds actually drove any motorized vehicle on their own although Wyatt will contend he did all the steering for PaPa]

9. Happy Birthday Harris! The only family member who doesn’t get cake this time of year. I may threaten to turn you into a rug on a daily basis but I love your fuzzy nighttime snuggles and growing toleration of  your human siblings. You’ll always have a spot on my pillow.

10. and lastly Happy Birthday to the Best Baby Daddy (one day early) one could ask for. Your child support is always on time and as another year goes by I’m more and more convinced they are indeed your children even if there aren’t any red heads.




  1. Monika Montgomery

    Happy late 3rd Birthday to Wyatt , Ava, and sweet Lydia. Always enjoy your blog posts and all the awesome pics. Loved the pic of their birthday cake with all three of their names. Seeing Lydia’s name on the purple butterfly brought tears to my eyes. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season, Monika Montgomery

  2. That was so fun to read and see!

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