Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Rebel Act


Yep I actually did it. My first act of rebellion (that I will publicly admit anyway) at age 33 with some permanent ink. I’m just glad I didn’t do a spring break dolphin on my abdomen which would’ve been awesome when pregnant and would now look like a sad and saggy humpback whale. I never said I’d get inked as there was never anything that I’d really want on me forever. I also said I’d never marry a guy from Trenton (which has great perks when it comes to kids and holidays), drive a blue Mazda (Mazda 3 now with 120,000 miles) or ever dreamed parenting would put us on the journey that it did. This seemed a fitting tribute and unless I have dementia and think there’s crap on my foot when I’m shuffling around the nursing home, I think it’s a fitting tribute that I don’t mind sporting. Forever. (Still freaking out a wee bit) I figure since I can’t get grounded at 33, now is as good a time as any to go ahead and post my new art work.


And if you wonder if it hurt, holy mother €>€|~^~&$&$?:. Yes it did. The other 2 folks getting work done sat very calmly in their chairs getting zapped while I clenched Clay’s knuckles and practiced Lamaze breathing while getting repeatedly told to hold still. I probably wasn’t the best customer to have sitting right at the front door and I’m pretty certain I won’t be going back for another.

So if you decide to get inked, my advice is take a shot of whiskey, bring a leather strap to bite on and please, please spell check before you go. I’m just happy mine didn’t turn out like any of these.
















  1. Love it and glad you opted for a visual without words. Hmmm. Maybe I should think about getting a tattoo now 🙂

  2. I hate tatoos but yours is pretty sweet. The others were hilarious!!
    Amanda you need to write a column!

  3. Paula Bull

    Amanda, loved your pic and the others. I agree–you should write a column.

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