Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Random acts of kindness

I was very inspired to do the 26 random acts of kindness inspired in December from the Sandy Hook tragedy. Unfortunately, our one morning of holiday breakfast serving was cancelled due to a GI bug that I didn’t think anyone would appreciate our sharing. My one and only act of semi-kindness was the day I saved a woodpecker from Pepito’s mouth by nailing him with a snowball. The bird flew away and gave a few pecks of appreciation to the nearest tree while my cat gave me serious stink eye for the day. Not sure if that one really counts or not…

Anyway, thought I’d share some nice acts of kindness that were headed our way this past year:

Zona Yoga I was gifted 10 classes to Zona Yoga this summer by someone who knew of our difficult journey and thought it would beneficial. Even though I’m built like a TRex and when everyone is bent over holding their toes and I’m grasping at mid-shin, I really love yoga and might even be getting closer to my ankles soon. I took all class levels but I have to highly recommend the restorative yoga class. It put a spring in my step and was very therapeutic. If someone goes through something tragic and you wish there was something you could do, give the gift of a restorative yoga class. (Chocolate works too) Who doesn’t need an hour to de stress and make themselves feel better?

Mac Sports Wear I took Lydia’s quilt square here to be embroidered for the Children’s Mercy Memorial quilt. It came out lovely and they didn’t charge me for it. The least I can do is a wee bit of advertising. For any future embroidery needs in KC, be sure to check them out.

While we can never repay every one that has helped us out during the past very difficult 3 years, we can only hope to learn lessons of generosity and teach our children about the values of volunteerism and charity. We’re planning to make March 1 our annual “do something nice for others day” to mark Lydia’s angelversary and this year we’re volunteering to serve lunch at the CMH Ronald McDonald Room. We both had many meals there as well as snacks for Wyatt and Ava during her early NICU days and our PICU fall 2011 weekends and evenings. Anytime you can get a break from the cafeteria and enjoy a free warm meal, it’s always appreciated. If anyone in the KC area would like to join us in serving, donate any food or paper items for the lunch or help corral Wyatt and Ava, we would love to share the day with you. Not sure what I’ll be making yet, but I promise to step it up from the fruit, cheese and crackers that I typically serve at lunch. At least Costco is close and if my cooking fails, they have giant pizzas that will serve the crowd.


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  1. meghan

    Love angelversary. I may borrow that one. And I’m glad you are doing acts of kindness -they will bless you as well and it does help with healing. Hugs!

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