Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


Finally, it’s starting to act like winter this time of year. Not that I was complaining too much about the blissful 60 degree day last weekend, but I appreciate Missouri getting a little crazy with weather plans from time to time. With a foot of snow, our Snowpacolypse finally came. I read The Long Winter from the Little House on the Prairie series so I think I was pretty prepared to handle a few days of couped up children, cats and husband. As the snow came down, we started our our morning with a nice little craft time. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I found mixing half Elmer’s glue with half shaving cream makes a fun puffy snow paint. I think our snow family turned out fairly charming and there was only slight micromanaging involved.


We were finally ready to brave the winter weather and as a public health advocate, I thought I’d advise on the proper way of dressing your children for the cold.

First start with coordinating lumber jack thermal tees and jeggings. Leggings will do as well, but the denim look of a jeggings is a tad more fashionable. Tights also work well.


Second layer: another shirt, knee socks over leggings and large plastic pants. This is good for keeping the bum warm and dry while sitting in the snow and just in case after you’ve spent an hour dressing your toddler, you have back up in case they can’t be undressed in a timely fashion for potty breaks. A pull up would do for some, but I happen to have a certain princess that doesn’t like the feel of a dry cottony pull up near her delicate skin and will immediately find the need to make it warm and moist. A sparkly tutu will complete the look for layer 2. It took some convincing Ava wasn’t ready to go outside with her outfit and purse.




Layer 3: it was cold so a flannel pj pant layer seemed appropriate


Layer 4: finally hat, mittens, snow pants and tucking your favorite monkey in the bib for safe keeping so he too can play outside. I’ve yet to find the best trick for getting the thumb to stay correctly in the thumb hole so your OCD child will not melt down when he can’t wiggle his thumb. Just plan on allowing 30 minutes for correct thumb alignment. All toddler mittens should just be large water proof tubes. Perhaps I’ll work on marketing that…


Add the boots, winter coat and hood and your toddler is finally warm and safe enough to go out side and enjoy 15 minutes of snowy fun before needing to potty or becoming too cold. Its best to toss them out to your husband to “help” clear the drieveway while you scramble to find your own appropritate winter gear. I’ve found if I dress first, I will be so hot and sweaty from wrangling toddlers into snow gear, I’ll be tempted to emerge outdoors naked. In the meantime, you’ll have burned an extra 300 calories getting your toddlers ready for outdoor fun.



And now to enjoy the great outdoors. Big thanks to the neighbor who used his snowblower to help clear the drive! Clay might still be out there. I would’ve waited till it was 75 degrees sometime next week.


Day complete with hot cocoa, back to back Pixar movies, a hot crock pot of chili and some snow ice cream. Not sure I’m ready to move to Canada just yet, but I did appreciate getting in my winter fix. I love snow so much more when I don’t have to work!


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