Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Angel Birthday

March 1 has come and with it the cold realization our sweet little bird has been away from us for an entire year. It has been a blink of an eye for her and she continues to send reassurances to us that she is in a far better place than the medical world she left behind. The other day we had a bit of sunshine peak through the glass and make a light prism on the floor and Ava very excitedly shouted, “Look Mommy, Lydia sent us a rainbow!” I don’t think I had ever mentioned that to her before and it came out of the blue. I’m amazed how well they remember things about their sister and continue to talk about her.

We decided to celebrate March 1 as Lydia’s angel birthday. It’s hard to “celebrate” the day your heart was ripped from your chest and the hard realization came that your family was made incomplete for a century or more. Somehow we have survived and life continues on, though we now view it with a different pair of glasses. We decided to make March 1 our annual service day and prepared lunch for families at the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital. We spent surgery days in there and had many meals while Lydia was in the NICU and PICU. We also left some homemade lovies for families to pick up and take back if their baby needed an extra soft snuggle blanket while in the hospital.

Here’s some pics of the day. Ava wore her purple butterflies for her sister and we’ve all be wearing a bit of purple this week.




Big thanks to our helpers: Grandpa and Grandma, friend Jayla, Mandy, Beth and her mother Cheryl and their super adorable girls Violet and Evelyn. Beth has also done hard time as a NICU/PICU mom for 2 out of 4 of her kiddos so she too knows a free meal can make for a nice break in the long slow hours of ICU life.





The trio of 3 year old “helpers”

Note: they’re not in a cage – it’s the handicap ramp but we did consider just tossing them into one of the empty RMH rooms with only a bed just to see what they could do.









Wyatt may have found a new crush. He loved touching Violet’s “pwetty cuwals”





Our crew leaving after a good day. The room has been completely remodeled and has a beautiful new spacious kitchen and fun new mural leading you in. If you are ever looking for a volunteer activity or love to bake but don’t want a lot of sweets left around, the Ronald McDonald room and house can always use volunteers and families appreciate the break from the cafeteria.


Ava with her Angel that Santa left in Lydia’s stocking.



We had to make a homemade angel food cake to complete the day and celebrate Lydia’s “Angel birthday” Blowing out a candle and having birthday cake makes all days better.







We completed the day with a purple lantern release that symbolizes her life perfectly with a beautiful bright burning light that was gone all too soon.



Clay and I then took in an overdue date night and finally saw “The Miserables” or better know as “Les Mis.” Seemed appropriate for the occasion and nothing like drowning your own sorrows with a 2.5 hour musical about the sad life of early 19th century France. Also really makes one appreciate not living in 19th century France. In case you’re on the fence about going before it leaves the theater and haven’t read the reviews, this one sums it up the best.

les mis review


To complete our Angelversary weekend, Clay sang at church this Sunday and Wyatt got to make his stage debut.

and because I’m a stage wife and the kids are napping, one more video upload of Clay singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Fitting song for the our beautiful girl:

“Sail on Silver Girl, Sail on by, Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way…”






  1. What a wonderful tribute and way to recognize the day, Amanda! Prayers of continued peace for you all!

  2. brenda

    what wonderful idea for honoring our littlest angel- to make others happy!

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