Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Blizzard of Oz

Here’s some pics of the Blizzard of Oz or Smowmagedon II or SnOMG!! that came ripping through again last week before the previous snowpacylypse had melted. I love some good snow days but am ready for some daffodils soon. I wonder how these northern moms handle the daily pile up of wet boots, snow pants and mittens that somehow go missing. We’ve pretty much run the full winter experience of sledding, ice-skating, cocoa, and snowman. They are getting less enthusiastic about my daily forced outdoor time.






And we’ve had time to work on our art skills. Ava actually surprised us this week with a self portrait that looked like a person and her lovely drawing for Wyatt of a “bongo guitar” It’s a new hybrid instrument.


And now you know what a bongo guitar looks like.


1 Comment

  1. Richard Combs

    The snow is really pretty and fluffy, just right for playing! Love the pics, keep them coming. XOXOXO Grandma Brenda

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