Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Lessons from GI bugs

What I’m thankful for and what I learned after a long week of gastroenteritis/rotavirus or whatever it was that made my children (mainly Ava ) explode for almost a week:

1. My washing machine/dryer. It was in full force for the entire week as I’d change sheets and then change them again in 20 minutes. If we had a old school ringer washer or heaven forbid actually washed clothes in a stream, my children most likely would’ve been naked lying on newspapers. I may have been too.

2. I’m not a hotel cleaner. Changing bedding is not on my top favorite things to do. Especially with bunk beds. If I had to work at a hotel, I too would probably be tempted to blow off any visible pubes and call it “made”. My children do have clean bedding but it will likely not be changed until bodily fluid of some sort hits it again.

3. My nurses immunity. Amazingly after multiple contact with multiple body fluids, I did not become sick. I’m pretty sure Ava had rotavirus as once your nose has been raped with the scent of a rotavirus explosion, it becomes ingrained in your memory forever. Prior to the rota vaccine, I used to see a lot of cases on the peds floor and my nose has PTSD from being a victim more than once.

4. Anyone who thinks natural immunity to a disease is better than than a vaccine has not worn their child’s double ended bodily fluids for several days. I was incorrectly informed they couldn’t get the rotavirus vaccine due to being preemies and didn’t pursue it. Turns out they could’ve and should’ve got the vaccine as babies. Lesson learned.

5. Pedialyte tastes awful and kids don’t like it. I found just making some kool aid and adding a couple salt shakes worked much better or half juice or sprite/half pedialyte. Also, colored Gatorade makes Wyatt crazy. Not sure if he just seemed crazy as Ava was pretty sedate or if he really was bonkers. Note to self: limit the boy’s food dye intake.

6. I’m really happy there’s a pediatric urgent care 5 miles from home and I have good nursing friends who let me know when I need to come. Millions of kids in developing countries sadly die from diarrhea/vomiting every year so it’s such a relief knowing if Ava needed, we wouldn’t be looking at taking the donkey for a 3 hour trip to a city doctor. Another bonus: Walgreens/CVS/ multiple grocery stores are all really close with plenty of flavored gatorade, juice and sprite to keep handy. Fortunately we didn’t need to make the trip to Urgent Care as Ava made the pee in 24 hour rule but we were doing small syringes of fluids every little bit to avoid the trip and it was a fairly close call. I learned from my nephew’s $500 bottle of Urgent Care gatorade when he was really sick pushing fluids at home is much better.

7. Lastly, I’m very, very thankful for my children’s normally healthy functioning GI systems and the fact they’re back to normal. Lydia taught me to never take for granted the beauty of something going in the mouth and leaving the correct way without any distress. Take a moment to thank your functioning GI plumbing! Instead of disease awareness, have a healthy body appreciation day.




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