Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

the Ides of March

If I had to choose the worst month ever, March typically wins hands
down. It just cant decide if it should be winter or spring and changes
frantically between the 2 each week, pesky illnesses we thought we
were cleared from return in March, and the ides of March really do
seem to occur. In my life, statistically bad stuff happens in March
more than any other. My cat Cloey died one year, then there was the
dreaded spit fistula result from the surgeon that had the soft heart of a brillo pad
and of course there’s my worst day ever of
March 1 which just seems to set the up the month for craptacularity.
At least there’s Mizzou basketball to sustain us with anticipation for
March Madness…Oh wait, that usually fizzles by round 1.

This March has hit my friends and family hard as well. I’ve attended 2
funerals in 2 weeks and had my best friend/cousin-in-law deal with the
scary diagnosis of pancreatic cancer after what seemed like a couple weeks of treating an odd case of gallstones and gallbladder removal.

Please keep Kayla and Addisyn Weher and their family in your prayers as they
learn a new routine with their beloved husband and father now in
heaven. Also keep the family of Donna Ashenfelter in your prayers as
their fiesty and lovely Nanny was reunited with her loved ones in a
place better than we can imagine. Lastly, please continue to lift my
cousin Brian and Holly in prayer as well as their daughters Anna and
Elsie as they all face a new journey that involves chemo, surgery and
a lengthy recovery. Holly will be returning from Mayo clinic later
this week to begin chemo before prepping for the big whipple surgery
to remove the pancreatic tumor in a couple months. You can follow
their journey on the FB site “Prayer Vigil for Holly Wendt Combs”

After all March’s lions and very few lambs this month, we at least get
the annual reminder with a few daffodils starting to poke through that
spring is around the corner (despite its snowy calendar date) and life will continue on. Easter gives a
new promise of hope and life everlasting so while our journeys here on
Earth may be difficult and not as we planned, there is a brighter
future that we must patiently wait for.

Happy Easter!




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