Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies young and old of babies, manic and whiny toddlers, teenagers who barely claim your existence, grown up children and our children that wait for us on the other side.

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my most favorite holiday. Sure, the pampering is nice. I got breakfast in bed with Wyatt telling me he “didn’t like eggs and eggs were disgusting” as they delivered it to me. I actually got uninterrupted bathroom time without one trying to sit on my lap while the other hands me wads of toilet paper and asks more questions than a gastroenterologist. I went to church with a friend sans crying children that I didn’t have to peel off my leg and toss into the nursery. Got a free lunch at Hooters (hey, cheap beats class most days) where Ava did leave half the shrimp for me on my shrimp and spinach salad and Wyatt only whined and cried for 30 minutes after water got spilled on his pants. I now am enjoying my new outdoor deck comfy furniture while one toddler naps and the other remains quietly entertained with my iPhone. I even made a lime cheesecake that’s chilling in the fridge for later enjoyment. It really should be a complaint free day. But, this day seemingly more than others, is always a reminder that 1/3 of my heart remains missing and I must patiently wait for our reunion. The fresh sting of last years mother’s day that snuck up and whacked me in the heart with a baseball bat has softened (slightly). Yes, the birds are chirping with a gentle breeze that reminds me she is near, but still not as close as I’d like.

Like other holidays and birthdays and celebrations, we make the best of our situation and enjoy the day that unfolds. I tried asking Wyatt and Ava what they were getting me for Mother’s Day. Wyatt informed me of his wish list for Brother’s Day and Ava said for HER Mother’s Day she was going to get a new pwincess bike and pwincess helmet. But, after working really really hard and waiting a long time to spend 7 months as a 4 headed beast with 8 arms, 8 legs, 40 fingers and 40 toes, I am pretty happy to be a mother to human children and not just my fuzzy cat ones. Even if there are messes, complaints, whines and injuries that need constant attention, I’m pretty happy to give up my potential bikini modeling career to be a full time nurse, counselor, teacher, cook, cleaner (ok that’s a prn job at best) and mother. {even if that means posting my glam shots from breakfast in bed while Ava feigns sleep and Wyatt tries to put on his Iowan Man Mask}

Mother's Day


Mother’s Day 2011 – too much tape  and tubes and too far from home, but a wonderful day none the least




And it’s not Mother’s Day without mentioning our lovely mothers that raised us, put up with our shenanigans and are the best Gwandma and Nana 2 kids could ask for.

2012-04-05 11.48.08-22012-12-24 09.28.44 photo (10) photo (11)


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