Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Bird news

Well after 3 positive blood tests, 4 ultrasounds and half a dozen peed on sticks with a pink line, it’s finally safe to say Johnston #4 is making his or her debut. And no litter this time. Our gamble with the last 2 embryos has resulted in one singleton who is growing and developing right on track!

I think there is equal fear and excitement this time around as it does feel like we survived a plane crash and are now getting back on the plane knowing its the only way to the beautiful destination that awaits. I wish there was some universal code that after dealing with a horrible tragic event, one is somehow exempt for life. Yet I know that is not the case and go into each ultrasound with one eye closed and wishing there was a complimentary basket of Xanax nearby.

We look forward to meeting New Baby sometime mid February. I’ve heard rumors that some women take their babies home right after giving birth so we’re hoping those rumors can be true!



Thought I’d add a nice little profile pic. I’m biased but I think New Baby is pretty cute already!



  1. Congrats, so happy for you all. I can’t even pretend to fathom the emotion you must go through, but you all will have our thoughts and prayers through it all!

  2. Congratulations!!! This is truly wonderful. Enjoy this new bundle & all that it brings. Praying that everything goes well & you have an easy pregnancy & birth.

  3. Karen Folsom

    That is so great! Congratulations! I’m praying that you get to see if those rumors are true!

  4. Amy

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile now. I’m so thrilled for your family. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and taking Baby 4 home right on schedule. Amy in Springfield MO

  5. Staci

    I stumbled across your blog researching spit fistulas, esophageal atresia, and Boston for my sister whose 3 month old (1 month adjusted) little baby is in the hospital awaiting whatever comes next. I found myself in the middle, went backwards to see how it started, accidentally hit the home button fast forwarding to a year later, and was saddened and shocked to hear of the loss and such a beautiful and strong little girl. It terrifies me for the future of my own niece, but I have to make myself understand that every baby is different and you can only learn from the stories of others.

    My sister and her wife are just starting the journey to determine what’s next. A spit fistula in LA? Or a desperate attempt to find the funding to go to Boston.

    Which so many years of struggles, and ups and downs. It was hard for me to understand what happened first and whether or not the Foker method was attempted first.

    If you wouldn’t mind sharing a snap shot of your journey. I’d love to hear.

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