Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


Wyatt’s fascination with superheroes all started with an episode of Daniel Tiger last spring. (Favorite PBS kids show plug) There may have been some outside 3 year old peer pressure at school as well, but the love of all men with capes, gloves and masks has hit our house full force. At first Wyatt was content with a simple blanket cape but then as the passion grew, so did our apparent need for accessories. I blame Clay just as little as he was quite excited to start sharing his love of Marvel and DC comics.


Then strep throat and croup hit and while waiting patiently for a few hours at the Urgent Care and then Target pharmacy, I may have been talked into an Iron Man mask, or as it he is pronounced “Iowan Man” in our house – defender of the plains and corn.


Then there was the multitude of Spiderman, Superman, Captain America and Batman books from the library and a DC sticker book I yet somehow got suckered into at Costco. The accessories grew and sometimes there was some superhero identity confusion.



Somewhere along the summer, Wyatt decided he must wear gloves. At all times. In the Missouri summer. Like the superheroes. And he couldn’t wear stripes because no superhero wore stripes. He further proved his point by bringing in a picture of Wolverine that I drew and showed it to me saying, “See mom? No stripes!” Despite my attempts to add stripes to Wolverine’s shirt, Wyatt was not convinced a superhero could wear a striped shirt and several cute polo shirts went basically untouched all summer long.

Oh the love of “gloves” ALL SUMMER LONG. I’m sure his passion will die come November when fingers might actually get a little chilly.


Gloves for being Batman.


Motorcycle gloves to keep his hands safe while driving the 1973 Roller Rider at Grandma’s house in the superhero shirt he wore 2-3 times a week (clean on average).


And of course gloves a the swimming pool because Wolverine might need them for some reason only known to a 3 year old.


Even Wolverine needs a quiet rest at times. The full Wolverine costume was my bribery attempt at letting me choose a nice shirt on school days and he can wear whatever ridiculous attire that suits him every other day of the week. There are still complaints and grunts at polos with stripes or diamonds, but we’re making some progress and we both feel a little victorious on different days.

Wyatt also not only loves Wolverine, but loves “Wolverine Love songs” AKA the Les Miserables sound track on Pandora. I convinced him Wolverine’s main talent was to sing like an angel (and scratching bad guys) and then showed a little Wolverine video clip of Hugh Jackman followed by a Les Mis youtube clip of Jackman singing. Clay is thrilled with his love of Wolverine’s musical talent and responds to song requests with a fist shake and “Damn you Jackman!!”

In case you need reference to what Wolverine is like singing “Do you hear the people sing?”, here is 30 seconds of W joined by his sister “Cat Flower” (an up and coming super heroine) screeching together.

And just so our Princess/Superheroine isn’t ignored completely, a pic in one of  her glorious princess attires. Funny, I kind of thought that’s what my ginger husband’s kids might look like anyway…


And lastly, our littlest Johnston with all anatomy looking like it’s in the correct order and growing quickly…. Princess or Superhero? Well the Ultrasound tech said the little fella looked “happy to see us” and was most definitely another caped avenger in our house.


Ava has named him Pinocchio and told everyone it was a boy before we even found out. We were looking for a slightly unique name, so there you go. We’ll call him Pino for short, after my favorite grape flavored beverage (middle name: Grigio for a red head, Noir for another blonde)



  1. So cute! Love the costumes 🙂 We are trying to bribe ours into letting us put one on them…

    Congratulations on your baby boy! I’m sure he’ll be adorable & also probably the live doll for Ava to play with (haha).

  2. Classic! I love the costumes!

  3. Hilarious where do you click for the video of song?

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