Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

4 year olds

November came and went (and so is December too apparently) and suddenly we now have two four year olds. I was hoping for a more sudden and drastic change in listening and toy organizational skills than what we had with the Toddler 3.5 version that was not the upgrade I had expected over the summer. Fortunately some lessons from preschool and Daniel Tiger seem to sneak in and at times our 4 years olds are almost civilized humans. On one giant kitchen mess that involved a stuffed animal bathing station, they were singing in unison “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” As my forehead vein receded,  it was impossible  to flap my arms and yell during the reminder that “Jesus loves the childwen of the wohhld” – even if their creativity leaves our house looking like a bio hazard most days of the week. Well played guys. Not sure that tactic will work when you’re 16, but works well for now.

For this year’s big birthday event, we decided on a day of preschoolers at the nearest bounce house – Fun Run. Party planning is not my strong suit on a good day and being celebratory for a day that involves only 2 out of 3 of my children getting older is not an easy feat. Somehow the loudness of bouncing 4 year olds seemed to make the event a little more bearable. There was a loosely based Princess/Superhero theme but I think Ava went with more of an abstract fairy/princess/superhero herself. I made some pink, purple and blue cupcakes and we had some T-shirts cut and ready for cape making. Not quite Pinterest worthy, but good enough and I think fun was had by all.

Our month of pics:


Why 13 candles? Well 3 four year olds (even if Lydia’s party is bigger and grander, she will always get included in ours) comes out to 3×4 = 12 + 1 candle to grow on. And the cupcake stand had 13 spots so the math worked well (and kept W&A’s slobbers limited to fewer cupcakes)

*Stolen Internet tip: whipping canned frosting with a beater for a few minutes really does make it a lot fluffier and goes a lot further when decorating. In theory, it limits the amount of toxic colored icing my kids eat too.*IMG_4432IMG_4434IMG_4436

Cousins lined up preparing for the sugar buzz that awaits.IMG_4444IMG_4456

Apparently my memo of just getting Swifter and cleaning supplies for their birthday didn’t come through. They were pretty excited with their new bounty.


Wyatt and his birthday buddy (born on 11/12/09 too!) model their new party capes. For a cheep and easy cape, go to nearest thrift store and cut off arms and torso of a big T-shirt. Decorate as desired. I actually found the blue t shirt with flaming guitars on the back at the Salvation Army so it made the perfect 4 year old (18)

11/12/13. They are officially 4 and posing for a still and smiling dual photo is as challenging as their first year.20131217-212930.jpg20131217-212911.jpg

Our 2nd annual birthday lantern release for our beautiful girl who didn’t spend nearly enough birthdays with her wombmates. We miss you everyday.


My 4 years old’s new sense of fashion. Take a cute shirt and over accessorize with wings, tutus, crowns and as much bling as possible.


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from our little turkeys!20131217-210414.jpg20131217-210346.jpg

This is how turkey leftovers are eaten if you’re a carnivorous Johnston.20131217-210434.jpg

And we end the month with the first year of many that we will be celebrating The Baby Daddy’s perpetual 39th birthday. (Someone may be in new decade of life denial) The Johnston bakery is still taking orders for festive cakes of all occasions. 20131217-210519.jpg20131217-210455.jpg20131217-210129.jpg


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