Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

My funny valentine

This year, the holiday of love and hearts, has been especially blissful as I spent the quiet hospital day with my Valentine of almost a decade and my newest little love who is bringing much healing to our own hearts.  I received flowers, jewelry and chocolate and he got a Johnston spare to go along with the heir. We enjoyed a nice Thai take out dinner while watching the Olympics and reflected how wonderful it was that our remarkable little guy and hospital experience this time was truly unremarkable. Normal feels nice!

I couldn’t let the day slide without some festive photos to mark Liam’s first holiday. I love that he doesn’t complain about his clothes yet and lets me keep him looking festive without bribes.

It’s hard to be such an adorable bachelor on your first rose ceremony.








The glossy cheek was due to more smooches. I had to experiment to get the right shade.



Valentine’s Day also coincides with Congenital Heart Defect awareness week (Feb 7-14) and 3 years ago marks the day Lydia had her heart surgery that gave us another year to be with her. It wasn’t the surgical route that we expected or had hoped for, but her Valentine surgery gave her heart more time. In her honor, we made a large donation of Lydia’s Loveys to the NICU with Wyatt and Ava. They helped give me a wheelchair ride down the hall and pick out some loveys for some of the baby girls and boys. They were pretty excited to know the tiny babies were getting a new buddy. We were excited to only make a brief NICU visit.



Our sweet little Valentine girl 2 months before her heart surgery and one of my favorite pictures.






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  1. He is too cute for words! What a precious Valentine.

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