Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


March seems to have just started and now we are already celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. March 1 will always bring the month in like a lion as we observe Lydia’s angelversary. This year the weather completed the moods of our hearts as we ended up with a blizzard and a nice arctic blast of air keeping us a balmy 10 degrees. We once again served lunch at the Ronald McDonald family room at Children’s Mercy and as many families were snowed in, I think the taco bar was a big hit. Big thanks to the Beth, Violet and Evelyn Dwyer and Grandma Cheryl for bringing most of the meal and helping out. Also big thanks to Jayla, McKenna, Jessica, Will and Ella for dessert and helping feed the hungry mob! It was a little iffy actually making it to the hospital in the snow, but I’m glad we made it. While that room brings back painful memories of bad news and surgeries not gone according to plan, it helps to heal our hearts to bring a meal to families going through trying times as well.


Our crew of “helpers” with 4 NICU grads in the mix: Ava, Violet, Lisa (Ava’s new friend who had a baby sister in the PICU after heart surgery), Ella, Will and Wyatt


Ava and Violet both in their purple for Lydia


The boys were a huge help. Will was one of Lydia’s NICU buddies back in March ’10. (Mom Jessica was one of my THS buds!)



Violet offering to help babysit. Miss Vi loved Liam. Not sure if it was a mutual love just yet but we approve of future courting. Jayla and McKenna photo bomb in the back.


Best baby award went to Liam this year. Next year may be a different story…


The men hard at work.


Beth and I thankful to not being doing current “hard time” as NICU/PICU parents this year!


My homemade angel food cake for my sweet angel’s 2 year birthday . Once the arctic air lifted, the family wide GI illness cleared and birds could be heard singing again, we released our purple lantern into the sky. I don’t think Lydia minded it was a few days late. (No pics as Liam decided he was starving at the same time and I’m not quite that good at multitasking) This year for the first time, Ava seemed to feel the significance of our lantern release. She quietly went inside to bed and when I heard her crying, she told me she was sad because didn’t want to let the lantern go. I told her I didn’t either and our beautiful light just didn’t last long enough.  It wasn’t her usual 4 year old foot stomping and diva tears when things don’t go her way, but a deeper sadness that she couldn’t fully explain. She later told her preschool teachers she was glad that Lydia was with Jesus when she saw the mural of Jesus with children on the wall. Moments like these make her seem far wiser than her 4 short little years should allow.




Our littlest leprechaun continues to be quite the charmer. As long as nobody puts Baby in the corner and meals are prompt, he’s a pretty happy little guy. He enjoyed his first St. Patty’s day with second hand green chocolate chip pancakes, green smoothies, corned beef and cabbage and of course some Lucky Charms for dessert. Clay and the kids didn’t even complain too much about my spinach puree dyed pancakes and my feeble  attempts to green up the day.


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