Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Oh, Brother!

In honor of National Sibling Day, I thought I’d finally load some pics of the brothers. There is a cute little quote that says “being a big brother is better than being a superhero” I highly doubt Wyatt would agree with that sentiment at this moment. While he was excited at the idea of a baby brother, he isn’t always thrilled about having him him around the house. He thinks Liam is a little too loud and spends entirely too much time drinking mommy milk. Wyatt has offered to make him some baby mush instead so he won’t be hungry all the time. He does like to assist with putting the diaper in the diaper pail which probably has more to do with his love of trash maintenance than brotherly love, but since he hasn’t suggested throwing his brother out, we’ll take it as sibling support. On one of the first assisted diaper changes, Wyatt noticed and commented, “My pee pee is bigger than his.” An observation that must surely be ingrained deep into the DNA of the Y chromosome.

I am thankful that Liam is hearty little guy as I didn’t think about surviving the “help” of a sibling as a big worry. Wyatt has only picked him up twice to move his location – while I’m in the bathroom without glasses and notice Wyatt carrying a little bundle before realizing it is indeed his brother.

IMG_4561   IMG_4563   IMG_4562   20140410-215415.jpg

I’m sure I’ll have many more photos with brotherly matching scowls.




Wyatt thought he’d help by unzipping his jammies and “trying to get Liam to drink from his nipples” Liam was not impressed.


A rare moment of actual assistance captured. This lasted for about 1 minute.



I think they may be related! He seems to look the most like Lydia for now but has Wyatt’s boy nose.


This little fella is fitting in quite nicely and is a nice addition to our clan.


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  1. You have super adorable children! I’m sure this little guy will be running with his big brother & sister in no time!

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