Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


Father’s Day of this year, we decided to get our little heathens cleaned up and sprinkled down with some holy water. We went to the same Methodist church where we both had grown up and were married at 10 years ago and had the same minister baptize the kids. He was at the birth of our triplets, and has also done the funerals of my grandparents and Lydia and the baptism of 2 of my nephews. He’s seen our family come full circle at every life stage. Wyatt was pretty adament that he did not want to get “Bap – Uh-Tized” and didn’t want his head wet. But just like I’ve had to karate chop him into his car seat, head lock him for tooth brushing and do a full on combat hold for vaccines, we were getting the boy sprinkled – like it or not. Baptism of infants in the Methodist Church mainly celebrates what God is doing and will do in their life and the parent’s pledge to raise them in a faith filled life with God’s grace. Wyatt (as probably most 4 year old boys do) needs all the external grace and forgiveness he can get. It seemed an appropriate way to further celebrate Father’s Day.
I tried to give the Pastor fair warning about Wyatt and how we may possibly need to double head lock him and he told me the Holy Spirit would be there. In a jaw dropping moment, Wyatt very sweetly and calmly allowed the water on his head for his baptism. He was followed by Ava, then Liam (who had released all his demons into his diaper before the big moment), and finally water was tossed into the air for “the Little One in Heaven.” I had always planned on doing the triplets together, but so many of those plans changed and Lydia was given a baptism in the ER on the day she went to Heaven. But, all things considered, this ceremony was perfect. While we didn’t intend to make it the Seymour/Johnston Family show, we did cover a large chunk of the balcony and front pews with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Clay provided special music with one of my favorite songs “Everything is holy now”
This verse always makes me think of our sweet little bird:
“This morning outside I stood, saw a little red wing bird. Shining like a burning bush,  singing like a scripture verse. It Made me want to bow my head. I remember when church let out. How things have changed since then. Everything is holy now.”
 We were lucky to have the whole thing captured and put on the church website. I’m so glad it was. Even the sermon I think was written just for us.
20140715-175831.jpgIMG_4628 IMG_4633

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