Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


I am thrilled to report that this year I was able to convince all children to be in coordinated costumes and it actually took very little to no bribing. Thinking we would have to do some kind of superhero ensemble to appease Wyatt, he then decided that Curious George was his new favorite character and what we would all be. I think he sees himself a lot in George. George is it not naughty, he’s just very curious and always seems to find trouble. After all, George is a monkey and the fact of being a messy curious animal can’t be corrected. A lot like Wyatt.

While the majority of my domestic skills are mediocre at best, I think I do achieve higher rankings in coming up with pretty awesome Halloween costumes. Its my one area where I get just a wee bit OCD. Also, every year I can get them to be in a theme feels like a little victory.

Wyatt decided he would be the man in the yellow hat and of course Liam would be Curious George. Ava decided she would be Hundley the wiener dog, a lesser known but still equally important supportive role in the PBS kid series. Amid all the little princesses at the preschool party, Ava did stand out as the lone wiener dog. I love that she’s spunky like that. I completed the troop as Professor Wiseman. We luckily had most of the stuff already at home. Some felt and a spray painted yellow hat completed Wyatt. I converted a brown bear suit of Liam’s to having George’s face and ears. And for Ava, I did buy a dog costume at the consignment store and is wasn’t exactly an orange wiener dog despite my failed orange dying attempts, but it was good enough. I can’t help but think Lydia would have been Gnocchi the cat or Charkie the black dog and how I wish I could’ve come up with one more costume. Still, I was pretty happy to avoid the ninjas and vampires that are sure to come as they get older.

We had a great time at the preschool party, trunk or treating at Zona Rosa and hitting a few houses in the hood before calling it a night. *parenting tip: candy collected at earlier Halloween events works very well to be handed out to trick or treaters. Just pick through and save the Reece’s first!*

Cowgirl accompanied us to event #1 and cute witch to event #2.












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