Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

2015 already?

Goals for 2015:

1. Organize life: or at least a couple drawers,  Lydia’s room/playroom, some closets, etc. – we’ll see how that shapes up. I did give warning to all the toys in the playroom on NYE that many would not be spending NYE 2015 together. As I did this, visions of Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 popped into my head and I visualized poor little stuffed animals sitting in a thrift store bag singing “When Somebody Loved Me.” Stupid Pixar movies. Seriously makes it so much harder to get rid of toys with faces.

2. Improve parenting: We took some Love and Logic classes in the fall and we are at least 10% more loving and logical than we previously were. My take home pointers were offer more small choices, put more responsibility on my 5 year olds and generally try not to yell, curse and flap my arms while threatening to throw away all their belongings that are all over the house. I find it helps to just keep lowering my bar of expectations yearly and in the end I feel successful. All kids are updated on their vaccines, are generally cleanish for at least 15 minutes after their bath and eat some greens during the week so I think we’re on the right track.

3. Improve overall health and fitness: Since Liam is now perfecting his speed crawl and will likely be walking in a few short months, it’s like I have a littler personal trainer on the go. Add to this his daily ability to perfect my life saving skills and Wyatt’s learning about safe play with babies and my heart rate is pretty consistently above 100. We’ll toss in some kale and spinach a couple times a week to our smoothies, a Flintstones to the kids and never mind that Wyatt is a carbavore with 5 items on his dietary acceptance list.

4. House cleanliness: First goal of this is getting a certain 5 year old boy to have better aim practice or at least becoming more proficient with the Lysol wipes. Perhaps someday the bathroom won’t smell like a truck stop but then there’s one more little guy to potty train. Sigh. Maybe we’ll just put in a small urinal. Second goal is getting another 5 year old girl to stop being a mini hoarder with bags of her mini hoardings scattered around the house in no particular order. She also has a place for everything. It’s just not where I intended it to be.

5. Digital organization: Update blog, photos, baby books, etc. Good thing I have the blog to fall back on so when I fill out W&A’s baby book while they’re in college I can guess what season their little incisors actually came in. Liam is so far rather up to date. It’s the perk of being a singleton.

6. Accept that while I’m so very close to Mary Poppins (practically perfect in nearly every way) some days are just going to be slightly disheveled, slightly hectic or disorganized but our friends will still see us through yet another year of dysfunction.

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Happy New Year and all the Best for 2015!


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