Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

5 year olds

It’s hard to believe it happened, but somehow on November 12, we became the parents of 5 year olds. These two make us laugh and want to swear on a daily basis. Some days I can’t believe they will be starting Kindergarten this year and am a bit sad about the Monday-Friday transition. Other days, well, 5 days of school sounds pretty nice!

Wyatt buzzes around most days with his rapid fire questioning skills about random topics [lately this has been about musicians and if they’re still alive or not due to learning about Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson and 2 Beatles] and gifted ability to somehow make the make the world’s most irritating sounds. He fiercely loves his baby brother and calls him “Milky Baby” at least 100 times a day. He’s a tender and sensitive soul and loves playing house with Ava and takes his trash and recycling duties around the house quite seriously. He also takes those duties to everyone else’s house to make sure they are correctly recycling. Tuesdays are like Christmas every week with the waking up of “DAD!!! It’s twash day! Huwwy up!” And no the boy still can’t say the letter R despite Ava’s daily speech corrections. He still loves playing music, trucks, Superman, Curious George and his monkey Bobo. I constantly break many of the parenting rules I established pre-kids (when I was a far superior parent) and the kid eats ways more yellow foods than I had ever planned. He does help make decent spinach smoothies so perhaps it balances it out somehow.




Ava is the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead (or wispy bangs she cut herself). When she is good, she is very good. But when she’s not, well just stand back because its going to be a dozy. She is wonderfully imaginative and creative and I love her daily role playing changes. She has decided to have 3 careers (currently scientist, dancer and vet) and work a different one each day of the week. She still loves all things girly, pink, sparkly and with cats but will still want to watch marathon episodes of Super Hero Squad and Justice League. She’s my artist, builder and daring adventurer never missing the opportunity to splash in a puddle. They are opposite in so many ways and yet for the most part, their yin and yang personalities get along pretty well. She misses her sister that she barely knew and will often ask about her or thank her for sending rainbows that have reflected through the glass onto the carpet on a sunny day. She continues to tell every stranger about her sister and remind that we have four kids in our family. It makes my heart swell and crack all at once.






This is their obligatory “Show me you’re 5” picture, followed by Liam’s 9 month pic.





Their birthday party theme this year was a Curious George, black princess kitty, gymnastics burn off energy theme. It may not be found on Pinterest but it summed them up rather well. It had all the makings of a nice party for 5 year olds: come bounce for an hour, eat some sugar and leave the clean up for someone else.






We almost got everyone in the birthday party picture for a second. There’s a few MIA from the age 2 group. Despite their faces, it seemed like they really did have fun.


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  1. LP

    Wyatt’s blue face reminds me of the time we made your pinterest easter eggs!

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