Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Clay’s second annual 39th bday

It’s Saturday and cold and raining and Wyatt and Ava are quietly involved in a scholastic activity* while I’m rocking my sweet sleepy baby who much prefers napping on mum to his crib that he claims is surely made of sharp nails. Seriously, like this cherub can go from snoring in my lap to standing in his crib screaming despite my most gentle transfers. And yes I should Ferberize the kid (like I did W&A) and sleep train him and all that but our quiet rocking days will slow down soon and it’s not like I’ll do this for him in college, unless it’s finals week and he’s stressed. It’s a perk of being The Baby.

*scholastic activity likely not occurring but there’s no yelling, screaming or mischievous laughter so I think they’re good.

So I thought I’d do some blog updates of the fam. Clay celebrated his second annual 39th birthday on 11/30 and we marked the occasion with a few of his favorite things – Bacon and sausage and beer in brown bottles, family at the Brew Lab that lingers and dawdles…. (Side note this would be a great day for watching Sound of Music)

Clay’s very generous Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth brought the ole Caldarello family sausage press and secret recipe and the Italian sausage making began. Yes, Clay had a sausage party for his birthday. Let the double entendres begin… I also made him some beer cupcakes with candied bacon topping that were almost Pinterest worthy and there were a few batches of home brew being whipped up with some tasty appetizers. Good times and maybe turning 39 for a second time wasn’t too bad after all.

Here’s the 7 minute photo run down of Clay’s last 40 years. Tissues may be required at the end.



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