Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Global Warming

There’s nothing quite as nice as sitting outside while the Baby plays in leaves and the kids splash in the creek throwing mud balls and having leaf races through the drain pipes. In January. It seriously is 70 degrees in January. In Missouri. I do care deeply about the polar bears and their shrinking land and maybe should be highly concerned about days like this. Perhaps the baby should start wearing bamboo diapers and I’ll start knitting my own reuseable feminine products to reduce our carbon load. But on days like this the air seems full of Prozac and my angry mother bird wings flap a little less than others. It will be blustery and dreary again soon enough. Today everyone in KC is outside playing knowing just what a rare treat a day like this is. I think more peace summit meetings should occur on rare warm winter days as almost everyone can set aside their winter grumps for just awhile. We’ve seen a unicycler, dogs of all sort, bikers, casual walkers and hard core runners with their fit bit bands and ear phones. I’d post my trail time but sadly the 0.5 mile in 2 hours just isn’t terribly impressive. I’ll just post some pics of our day of fresh air instead. Note picture of ice in drain as evidence it is indeed winter, despite our trips to the zoo, park and trails this month.








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