Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

One year old (sniff, sniff)


I’m not sure how it happened so suddenly, but somehow I blinked and this sweet snugly newborn boy turned one. He’s now officially entered the endearing pit bull puppy stage of child development. Gone are the moments of him lying sweetly on his changing table while I pick out different lotions and creams to anoint and massage him head to toe and dress him in adorable animal hats and booties. Now I have to change diapers in ninja speed while preventing inevitable hands making sure he is still a boy while trying to fling himself off the changing table and/or standing up to change the light switch and tossing various lotions and creams on the floor. And dressing him in clothes, that’s now like putting outfits on an octopus, a very wiggly octopus that does not appreciate socks, shoes or anything on his head for more than 1 second. He may be the youngest, but he’s not going to let Wyatt and Ava push him around. He’s quite opinionated whenever they remove anything from his grasp and can’t understand why we don’t let him splash in the toilet on a daily basis. He loves “helping” unload the dishwasher and will immediately crawl at lightening speed to the dishwasher to start pulling out the silverware and handing it to me. He has a gift for finding all small and shiny objects on the floor and giving them a taste test. He loves eating crayons but still tolerates veggie and meat and bean mushes without demanding to know why I made that for dinner. His favorite word is “Hi!” and he says it quite frequently with affection while giving a little hand up in the air. He loves the cats or “TiTi” and squeals it in a little high pitched voice, even in the middle of the night when he sees Boots sleeping on his changing pad. The cats just don’t appreciate the baby love quite as much and will only tolerate brief moments of fur grabs and screams of “Hi Titi!”

For his big birthday we had a Valentine’s birthday brunch complete with a waffle bar, egg casserole and Caldarello Italian sausage. I made a giant heart cake that actually didn’t look like a disaster though Wyatt didn’t appreciate my beet juice dyed cream cheese frosting. (For the record, it tasted and looked fine. Maybe a slight beet smell, but still tasty and somehow I felt better not loading them up on Red dye 40) I attempted a mini banana applesauce smash cake for a healthier baby option but sadly forgot to set the timer and decided to give Baby a real taste instead of subjecting him to my healthy Frisbee textured cake. Wyatt and Ava were pretty excited by his new selection of toys and Liam can’t understand why he can’t just chew on the real remote and cell phones instead.


phone pics 686

040 035

Here’s some of his first birthday pictures from a mini photo shoot we had at home. Real cake given for purpose of photos. Liam approved.

063 066 065 064

067 062 061 060 059




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