Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Snow cation

Here’s the pics from our snow cation back in March. I started this post sometime last Aprilish and have been rather neglectful of the blog. I blame the baby. Or the child who should technically be a baby but remains convinced he should be awake and do all the activities the 5 years old do.

We loaded the van down Oregon Trail style and headed for Copper Mountain. (Note: baby only traveled like that in Trenton – not on the highway) 3 Adults and 4 children ages 8,6,5 and 5. Thank goodness Baby had quality time with the Grandma’s. It was rough at times and harrowing but we somehow all managed to make it to the mountain, down the mountain with intact legs and back to KC without a single case of dysentery or cholera. There’s probably a strong genetic reason my ancestors didn’t make it west of Missouri….


I had grand visions of going down the mountain with my little ducks following in a row making cute little pizza and french fry shapes with their skis. Instead they spent one day crying in ski school (mainly Wyatt), the next day me dragging them one at a time down the mountain while they went seemingly boneless, and the third day giving up entirely and hitting a children’s museum in Breckenridge. I guess we’ll go ahead and cross off any winter Olympic dreams as well. But…. the mountains were beautiful, Clay and I got in a couple good runs together, the cousins had fun and all limbs were intact on the way home. So all in all a vacation success, but next time, maybe we can give the Grandma’s some more quality time with all the cousins?





(NOT a real injury: they were playing mountain doctor)




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